>Moody Player

>One more step towards the „Ideality Approach“ to things: A media player that senses the user’s mood. Cool.
Moody Player: “ The Uber-Review: Walt Disney is working on a multimedia player that selects songs based on the owner’s latest mood via wrist sensors. The sensors, measure and collects body temperature, perspiration and pulse rate to build a profile of what music or video to play. Based on the profile, the device comes up a song or video to match the mood. If nothing is available in your media library to match your mood the player can download something new to do the trick. Using Tivo-esque qualities, the player will get better at matching media with the owner’s mood based on rejection or approval of the selections. Now for the quintessential Disney portion of the player, ‚the device could display animated cartoons when the owner is particularly happy‘. The Disney Mood Player, Plays Songs Or Videos Based On Your Mood [The Uber-Review]“